Scott, I truly appreciate your attention to detail and the effort you put into today's inspection. Your professionalism and overall knowledge of home inspections was very impressive. You also taught me a thing or two about what to look for in an inspection and what's required from a home inspector. This is one of the biggest decisions I will be making and your thorough inspection made me feel more confident going forward. Thanks again Scott and hopefully our paths will cross. I will definitely recommend you to others and contact you if I ever need a good inspector in the future. - Richard P., Kenner, LA

I have worked as a builder for over 30 years and am constantly working with inspectors that need guidance or advice from me.  After meeting Scott the first time, I felt that I had finally met my equal in terms of construction, technical and plumbing knowledge. I have not used another inspector since and highly recommend him to all of my clients!  -Jorge A, New Orleans, LA

Scott has a true passion for inspecting homes.  As someone who relocates often for my job, we have been through several inspections over the years.  I have never met an inspector as excited as Scott to enter a crawl space or a hot attic!- Michelle P., Metairie, LA


Scott arrived on time, was very kind and was very knowledgeable about home inspection. Safety items were of the most importance. I have been doing remodeling many years and he taught me many things to look for. He knew not only the signs of defects, he also knew possible causes which helped me tremendously. He went around and showed me every item. His report was very detailed and explained every aspect of the issue. He had state of the art equipment for detailed inspection examinations. I would recommend Scott to anyone interested in knowing about the condition of their home. -Bill W, Mandeville, LA

As an American of Chinese descent, I was highly appreciate of Scott taking the time and effort to get to know and to understand me. I flip homes for added income and have used Scott for several inspections.  Each time, he uses Google translate to communicate with me in Chinese over text message and goes out of his way to remind me that “my English is much better than his Chinese!”- Mei N., Slidell, LA

As a realtor for over 20 years, I am always cautious when it comes to an inspector climbing on the roof or entering a crawl space.  Far too many times, I have seen them inspect from the access and then offer “findings”.  Scott eagerly put on a full Tyvek suit, asbestos mask and goggles and couldn’t wait to enter the crawl space.  He even brought a pair of booties so as to not track mud and dirt back into the home. Very prepared and very enthusiastic! -John A., Top Agent Realty, Slidell, LA

As a first time home buyer, I was very nervous about what an inspector might find in the home I had fallen in love with.  Scott was able to explain each finding in a way that made sense to me…and even offered background information so as to show how important each finding was.  He completely set my mind at ease and my family feels so much more comfortable in our home knowing that he so thoroughly checked for any deficiency!-  Mary D., Slidell, LA

Months after Scott inspected our home, an issue arose with our bank.  Not knowing exactly where to turn, I remember Scott telling us that he would be there long after the inspection. I contacted him and didn’t expect to hear back.  But he immediately wrote a letter on my behalf and the issue with the bank was resolved within a couple of days! - Nguyen P., Hammond, LA

Scott’s reports are easy to read, even for someone like me who does not have a lot of technical knowledge.  His high quality, large and precise photos were all marked with texts, arrows and all kinds of info. That showed me exactly what this issue was.  On top of that, he professionally explained each finding before he left so that I was in a better position to understand the report when it arrived only a few short hours later!  Highly recommend him to anyone buying a home…especially first time home buyers like myself! - Jennifer R., New Orleans, LA

I love that Scott includes an elevation test as part of his inspection!  He told me how far out of whack my foundation was within a tenth of an inch at every corner of the home. Since the home had been through Katrina and some other floods, this part of the inspection gave me and my family some real confidence as to the shape of my home's foundation! -Tommy P., Slidell, LA

My husband I bought a home that was built in 1862 and we were really concerned about the structural integrity of the home.  Scott had so much enthusiasm about going in the crawl space because he couldn't wait to see what he might find.  As it turns out, we found some vintage Coke bottles, an old disconnected heating unit built in the late 1800s and even some old knob and tube wiring.  But most importantly, Scott went to every pier underneath, checked them thoroughly, took lots of pictures and told us exactly what needed to be corrected. - Rachael T., New Orleans, LA

My family bought a waterfront home and we were very concerned with the condition of the boat dock and hoist, as well as the sea wall and bulkhead.  Even though home inspectors do not test these items, Scott inspected the entire area at no additional charge and even raised and lowered the hoist since we had told him we were moving in with a large boat.  He even had the report to us within three hours!  Scott really helped to ease our minds and the report looked great! -Carlos S., Mandeville, LA

This was our first home and both my husband and I were pretty stressed out about the entire process.  We FINALLY had found a home we loved and the thought of an inspector coming in and finding things wrong with it was a bit overwhelming.  Scott explained to us that no home is perfect and he did find some things wrong.  But he explained to us exactly what needed to be done to fix each issue and even offered his best estimate as to what things would cost to repair.  On top of that, his report was easy to read, full of pictures and he went out of his way to explain the importance of each issue...both in person and over email when he sent the report.  Our realtor had told us that reports generally take a day or two to arrive, but Scott's was there before dinner! -Theresa M., New Orleans, LA