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About Us

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We're serious about safety.  This is your home... where your children will grow up and your family will gather for celebrations.  Knowing that everything is in good working order, so your family is safe, helps us sleep at night.  Knowing the ins and outs of your likely largest investment ever, should help you gets some shut-eye without worry as well!

Safety -  it's important!

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Customer Service -  it's a must!

Ask us all of the questions you'd like!  We love to talk about home inspection!  When you schedule the inspection, we get some general detail about the home and ask about any specific concerns so we can keep our eyes peeled in that area.  We'll promptly send you a calendar invite to confirm your appointment.  We get a head start on the report the day before by studying available info via the public listing.  After the inspection is complete, we do a verbal report and then follow-up with an easy-to-read written report with high quality photos sent to you by email later that day.  We remain available to you for any future questions.. just give us a call, send us a text or drop us an email.        

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Report Quality - our pride and joy!

As a freelance writer in his younger days, owner Scott Denslow takes report writing seriously.  Reports are organized with the more concerning issues in the front of the report and then each element of the is home highlighted in its own section.  Digital text-captioned photos are included in each report to help the reader understand the issues with ease.  You may even find an arrow or circle highlighted in the photo for good measure!     

Have Passion... Will Travel

Areas Covered:

We go where the need takes us!       

Call, text, email, or chat!

We're flexible and want to hear from you!

Tel: (925) 318-1440
​Tel: (866) 923-4450

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