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Buyer Home Inspection

Generally done during contingency period

Buyer-initiated evaluation of all components of the home. To better understand the overall condition of the home prior to completion of sale.


Mold Inspection

Standalone Service or Packaged with Home Inspection

  • outdoor control and indoor comparative samples as well as sampling of the affected areas

  • humidity and moisture level testing of affected areas

  • results analyzed locally by the leading hazardous material testing company in North America

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Seller Pre-Inspection

Generally performed by seller prior to listing the home

Seller-initiated inspection of all components of the home prior to the listing.

  • helps to understand what repairs may be needed

  • repairs completed prior to listing can help selling price and negotiations

  • buyers will often accept a clean inspection from seller and thus shorten time in escrow


Warranty Inspection

Owner-initiated inspection within the one-year CA builder's warranty after new construction

Some defects will not be obvious to the untrained eye. It is prudent to obtain our home inspector's list of items that will most likely be repaired by your builder at no cost to you


Commercial Inspection

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We are happy to support your commercial needs!


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Pricing for all services varies based upon property size and amenities.

Flexible payment options available.

Discounts available for seniors,   first responders, and first time home buyers.

Every Inspection Services Includes Evaluation of:

roof // vents // flashings and trim // gutters and downspouts // skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations // decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings // doors and windows // eaves, soffit and fascia // grading and drainage // water pressure // basement // flooring, foundation and crawlspace //water penetration and foundation movement // heating and cooling systems // main water shut off valves // water heating system // interior plumbing fixtures and faucets // drainage sump pumps with accessible floats // electrical service line and meter box // main disconnect and service amperage // electrical panels, breakers and fuses // grounding and bonding // 120 and 240V outlets GFCIs and AFCIs // ceiling fans // counters, cabinets/drawers // fireplace damper door and hearth // attic space, insulation and ventilation // duct work // all HVAC registers // garage doors // safety sensors and openers

In addition... EVERY INSPECTION INCLUDES A FULL RELATIVE ELEVATION SURVEY OF YOUR HOME'S FOUNDATION ..  This is the tool that the structural engineers use to evaluate movement of the home's foundation.  This is especially important in the Bay Area where earthquakes are common.  This is not a standard item for most home inspector outfits but we don't charge extra for it.  We're just that geeky about getting it right!