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Safe at Home Inspection Service

At Safe at Home we believe in keeping it simple.  Buying a home is a stressful process.  We pride ourselves in providing a thorough, but realistic inspection meaning that we'll dig deep into the details when performing the inspection, but we'll make sure it is crystal clear what findings are major versus minor... we don't want you to sweat the small stuff...  you've got enough on your mind already.

Following your home inspection, you'll receive a high quality report later that day.  We get giddy about our report quality and we hope you will too.  We have a hunch that we're not alone based upon our rave reviews on Yelp and testimonials.  Check them out! 

Lastly, we're passionate nerds about our trade.  There's nothing more satisfying than sharing that passion with our customers.  That includes after the inspection is complete.  We're here for you now and if you have any questions down the road.  Give us a call!  

Our Services Include

Buyer's Inspection //Mold Inspection // Seller Pre-Inspection // Warranty Inspection // Commercial Inspection


All major components of the property inspected, including a relative elevation survey at no extra charge!  

Serving the Entire San Francisco Bay Area, California .... and Beyond!

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Customer Service

Report Quality

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